Jag35 Electronic Follow Focus – on a budget
The guys over at Jag35 have announced a new Electronic Follow Focus for HDSLR user on a budget. When the system is released in the spring of 2011, it will employ a wired controller, but a wireless controller is promised.  There will be three motors offered:

  • J1 $139
  • J2 $159
  • J3 $199

All the motors are designed with Canon still lenses in mind.  The J1 and J2 each have 150º rotation with the J2 offering a more robust design that delivers more torque and higher speeds. The J3 has a rotation of 200º and is the fastest of the three motors. 

Also available is the M1 wired Controller for $149 and 3.5mm control cables $9.99 (think mini-plug). 

The whole system is designed to ride on 15mm Rods, so it should integrate well with most handheld rigs. Even though this systems is designed to primarily for HDSLR, I suppose The Panasonic AF100 and Sony’s upcoming F3 might be good matches for this budget follow focus system as well. 

Jag35 put out a video that offers a little demo of the system.