Mobile Apps for Filmmakers (just a few)

These days, there seems to be a mobile app for just about everything.  As you might expect, filmmakers have a wide variety of apps to choose from.  Here’s a list of just a few , but you won’t find any camera slates here. There are just way too many of them.

mRelease for iPhone and iPod Touch – $2.99

With mRelease you can have model, property, location crew releases right in your pocket. Its really a great tool for man on the street situations.  You can use the built-in camera take the subject’s picture and capture their signature on the touch screen.  No worry about having enough copies. No pens to get stolen.  Once all the releases are collected, you can email the entire collection to anyone in your contact list.

Gel Swatch Library™ for the iPhone and iPod touch – $9.99

Wybron’s Gel Swatch Library is a catalog of gels from GAM, Lee, Rosco and Apollo. You can view gel data, compare colors and even search for complimentary colors. May not as fun as an actual swatch book, but it’ll take up a lot less space.

Pixelexip – GrayCard for iPhone & iPod Touch – $ .99

GrayCard is the mobile answer for having the right white balance tool always at the ready. It offers both daylight and tungsten settings with tweaks for warming or cooling the color balance or even tweaking the green bias a bit.  Now this may not really be the best way to get a proper white balance, but I bet its pretty handy for achieving some creative color balances.

KeeMe by Agent 49 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch – $ .99

Have you ever had a shot of someone holding and iPhone and the screen information needed to be replaced in post.  Well that’s exactly what KeeMe is for. The App allows you to fill the screen with a solid color and tracking markers to assist with content replacement in post.

Pocket LD for iPhone & iPod Touch – $19.99

Pocket LD is a handy database of photometric info for a wide variety of lighting instrument used in TV, Film and theater . You still have to do the work yourself.

actionLog for iPhone & iPod Touch – Free or Pro – $29.99

actionLog and actionLog Pro are logging tools for location and studio work. The free version allows you to keep track of reel names , timecode and shot details for one camera, while the $30 version give you the ability to maintain log notes for up to 25 cameras. 25 cameras – yikes!  Anyway, the log sheets can be exported in formats for Avid, FCP and to HTML.

Dream Filmmaker for iPhone & iPod Touch – $8.99

Dream Filmmaker is a story boarding tool for those of us who ain’t too great with a pencil. I hope theres an iPad version on the way.  It seems primed for the larger screen.