Spider-Man Shooting On Red in 3D
The latest incarnation of the Spider-Man Series is being shot in 3D using 5k Red Epics and 3Ality 3D rigs. DP, John Schwartzman has been raving about the new cameras on the REDUSER Forum. First we heard about Peter Jackson’s Hobbit and now Spide-Man. It looks like Red’s small profile, high resolution Epics might be the goto capture device for the rash of 3D features that are sure to come. I really feel for the Data wranglers on these shows. Raw 5k coming out of an Epic consumes something like 8GB/min. So a 128GB CF card hold around 16min of footage. In 3D, that 256GB of data to offload, backup, review, distribute and who know what else – for ever 16min of footage. That’s like a days worth of P2 footage.  At any rate, I can’t wait to see the results.