[UPDATED] R.I.P. Red Scarlet. Long Live Red Epic-S


According to a post on the REDUSER forum by Red owner Jim Jannard, it looks like the long awaited Red Scarlet, which promised to put 3k imaging power in the hands of every professional and hobbyist  alike, is DOA.  Not to worry though Jannard stated, “Scarlet S35 is now called EPIC Light. The features have changed as has the price. I’ll update in the next two weeks.” The features and price have changed, you say.  That should be interesting.  As I remember it, Scarlet was to cost just a bit more than the HDDSLR.  Since it looks like the EPIC (not Light) is back on track, (Peter Jackson is about to take delivery of 30 them) we may not have very long to wait to see what Scarlet has morphed into.  With Panasonic’s AF100 only days away and Sony’s F3 just a couple of months behind.  The field for affordable large sensor VIDEO cameras is starting to get quite crowded. I hope there’s still a place for the Epic Light.


[UPDATE] It looks like RED has ditched the name Epic Light in favor of Epic-S for it’s 2/3″ sensor, fixed lens camera.  you can see it being fondled here. 

Notice that the lens has a single ring that can be used for either focus, zoom or iris, but only one at a time.  What do you think about that??


Derek Allen