Lightworks: One Alternative for Final Cut Defectors

So I’m sure you’ve all heard the dull thud that was made when Final Cut Pro X landed.  Ouch! And with the disappearance of FCP 7 from store shelves, Alot of FCP users are in search of a news NLE solutions while Avid and Premiere are obvious and easy options to chose, this is a good time to step back a take a good look and the NLE landscape.

One solution I found is Lightworks.  Available as a free download at, Lightworks is a well established post package that is now  an Open Source project being developed with “professional editors” in mind. It was recently used by Oscar winning editor Tariq Anwar to cut “The King’s Speech”. (read his interview here) Dozens of other films have also been produced using Lightworks (full list)

Right now, its’s only available to Windows users, but a both Linux and Mac OS support is promised for the later this year. It’s free, so why not give it try.