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Lightworks: One Alternative for Final Cut Defectors


So I’m sure you’ve all heard the dull thud that was made when Final Cut Pro X landed.  Ouch! And with the disappearance of FCP 7 from store shelves, Alot of FCP users are in search of a news NLE solutions while Avid and Premiere are obvious and easy options to chose, this is a good time to step back a take a good look and the NLE landscape.

One solution I found is Lightworks.  Available as a free download at, Lightworks (more…)


Final Cut Pro X Has Landed in the App Store


The day has come! The long awaited reboot of Final Cut Pro is finally available via download from the App Store. For only $299.  
Another nice surprise you’ll find there is a new version of Motion 5 ($49.99) and Compressor ($49.99). While both FCP X and Motion are clearly all new 64bit goodness, it’s not so clear what’s changed about Compressor.  I need to take a closer look.  
The new Final Cut is only available via download from the App Store, which requires you to be running Snow Leopard.  You probably want to be running the big white cat OS any way, so that you take advantage of the 64bit functionality of the modern apps.

If you looking for some inside knowledge on what the new NLE has to offer, check out the 10 Noteworthy Final Cut Pro X Related Videos and Posts – What We Know & What to Expect.

Final Cut Pro X

Motion 5



Available Light Camera Test


Australian cinematographer, John Brawley along with director, Kate Dennis, and colorist Stanly Lopuszanski, performed a very interesting test of some of the latest digital cinema cameras.  I’m not going to list the cameras. Figuring out which is which is the fun part of the test. 

The challenge they set for themselves was to see how this new breed of movie making machines would preform in some very difficult available light situations.  The bare bones crew set out for a one day to shoot to capture a 2min romantic short – six times, with six different camera.  Although the test was intended for theater presentation, viewing the results online is still very telling.  See if you can figure out which camera is which.  

For a detailed explanation of the test, visit John Brawley’s Blog.  

Apollo iGOBO – gobo finder


You smart phone and tablet users may want scoot on over to your respective app stores and download a free copy of iGobo by Apollo Design Technology, Inc.  iGobo is a neat little app that lets you scour thru the over 2000 metal and glass color gobo patterns that Apollo offers.  Among other things, the app gives you the opportunity to compare up to 4 patterns, audition patterns rotating a various rates was well as rotate stacked patterns and save and share all your favorites. Seem like and handy tool.


Just When You Thought it Was Safe To Choose a New Camera


It looks like those industrious Germans at P+S Technik are jumping knee deep into the 35Digital Camera pool.  They are just days way from the launch of their new PS-Cam X35. If you’er headed to Cine Gear in early June, you might have the opportunity to be among the first to check out the latest digital cinema catcher. Not a whole lot is known about the camera right now, but judging by the photo, It looks to be aimed more at the Epic – Alexa market than the AF100 – F3 end of the market. Any guesses on what it weights?


2011 NAB in Review

By now most of you have heard all the really big announcements from this years NAB conference.  I thought I'd do a little review of some of the things that caught my eye.

AF100 Scene Files from Abel Cine


Our good friend, Andy Shipsides at Able Cine has put together a collection of scene files for the Panasonic AF100.  Included in the group are files for Low Noise, Contrast, 5D Match, Wide Dynamic Range, as well as Warm and Cool looks.  Andy’s Looks can be downloaded from Abel’s site. You can also find scene files over at DVXUSER


Leica Offers New Life for Old Cameras


I’m sure many of you have some old 35mm still camera’s that you’d love to still be using in this digital age.  Well, the Digital Cartridges from Leica might be the solution.  Available in 4, 8 & 12MP, Leica’s re35 cartridges employ patented Flexisensor Technology as a replacement for film. There are still a lot of questions to be answered about this yet to be delivered product, but it seems quite promising.

For more info.


GoPro acquires CineForm PR Final


It looks like the folks at GoPro are full of surprises. The latest being the acquisition of the high end, professional Cinefrom codec. Cineform is a high quality 4:4:4 codec that provides fast performance while maintaining very high image quality. The new 3D Hero will be the first GoPro product to employ the Cineform codec

Press Release


Is The NEX FS100 Sony’s Answer to the AF100?