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Did you order you Atomos Ninja recorder yet? Well you might want to wait a minute. In advance of NAB, Atomos has announce a new ProRes recorder, capable of receiving HD-SDI signals. The new $1500 digi-corder boast:

  • – a higher res 5″ touch screen (800×400)
  • – HD-SDI (no HDMI)
  • – SDI loop thru
  • – 24 psf support for 24/60i with 3:2 pulldown
  • – 3D recording support
  • – Multicamera recording via Timecode and Genlock Support
    (multiple Samurais)
  • – Screen Flip
  • – ProRes HQ. 422 or LT (ready to edit)
  • – Instant on screen playback
  • – Dual battery – continuous power systerm
  • – 2.5″ HDD or SSD

Atomos plans to have the Samurai available by the summer of 2011. Visit the Atomos site for more info.


Convergent Design has taken the next step up from the popular NanoFlash with the announcement of the Gemini 4:4:4. The Gemini is a  small form, light weight, uncompressed digital recorder, (with integrated monitor) capable of capturing virtually any HD signal right on up to 2K. Don’t put you NanoFlash on eBay just yet. You’ll still want it if you need to be able to record compressed signals. The Gemini is a 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 uncompressed only recorder. Convergent Design promises to deliver more functionality via firmware releases. I’ll be sure to check out this and NAB. (more…)


Plans for NAB 2011?

NAB is less than a month away, is anyone planning to go this year? What are you looking forward to seeing. If you’er not going, what do you want to hear about?


Manfrotto Debuts 509 HD Head

The folks for Cinema 5D got a look at a new offering from Manfrotto SXSW.  Manfrotto has taken the “Bridge Technology,” that was first introduced with the 504 fluid  head and has applied it to their new, larger 509 HD head. The 509 is a very light weight head that’s capable of supporting payloads up to 22lbs, and with the “ABR,” system you can precisely balance that load. I looks like Manfrotto is getting serious with their video offerings.


PL Mount & Baseplate for AF100 from Letus

Letus is show off some of their soon to be released AF100 accessories. Sometime around NAB, they plan to release a baseplate with telescoping 15mm rods and a PL to MicroFourThirds (m4/3) mount. Unique to Letus’s PL mount is the ability to adjust the back focus of mounted lens (eliminating the need for shimming).


Random ShotShifter photo



Ikan is making new investments in the monitor business.

Ikan, designer and manufacturer of HD video accessories is dipping it’s toe deeper into the pro LCD monitor market with the acquisition of Cinemage’s Cine-Tal product line.

An Early Look at Sony’s new NXCAMs


Sony has been showing off their new line of NXCAM HD cameras to selected journalist. Here’s a look at what we can expect from these new cams.


New Ruby 14-24mm PL mount Zoom

If you haven’t already seen you it, you’ve gotta check out this lens. Very nice. I’m eager to see what else they come up with.


Cinematographer Ramon J. Goni, just sent us this spot he shot with the help of our ShotShifter™ 36″. Ramon has been using the ShotShifter™ for a few months now and he told us, “I think there are lots of tracks and dollies in the market but yours is particularly good for higher-end projects and heavy duty cameras without compromising the portability and weight needed in many of my projects.” You can see more of Ramon’s work at

You can check out the ShotShifter™ at