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Check out the great demo for Intel’s Thunderbolt I/O run on a MacBook Pro. Crazy fast.


Abel Cine has posted some footage from a Panasonic AF100 sporting an HD ENG lens via the HDx2 B4/PL Optical Adapter.

Its quick and easy to set up and start shooting with the ShotShifter™. We put together a little video to show you just how easy it is.

On the heals of the arrival of all these new affordable digital cinema camera systems, like the Panasonic AF100 and the Sony F3, is a slew of new accessories to make them more fun work with.  And now that the need for a 35MM DoF adapters seems a bit unnecessary, Letus Corp. has been refocusing their lineup.  The company’s latest offering is the ~$600 Letus Follow Focus. This new lens spinner offer many of the features you’d expect in pro follow focus. Standout features include: reversible rotation, the lens gear can be position on the front for rear of the gear box, and an interesting looking adjustable tensioner. No release date has been announced yet, but I’m betting on some time around NAB.


P2 News From Panasonic

Panasonic has announced new prices for there E-Series P2 Cards.

New Prices:

  • 64GB – $695
  • 32GB – $480
  • 16GB – $380

Panasonic also announced two new P2 devices.

The AF-HPD24 P2 is a 3D ready portable deck with native 24p recording capability. The 5.5 lb. 2-P2 card carrying device sports super fast USB 3.o interface to your computer and HDMI output for monitoring. Expect to see it sometime this summer for around $6000.

The AJ-PCD30 P2 Drive is a new 3 slot P2 devices the provides a fast connection to your computer via USB 3.o.  – allowing data from all three cards can be transferred simultaneously. It will retail for around $2200.


Is a Final Cut Pro Refresh on the Way?

Users of Apple’s Final Cut Pro have been itching for a new version of the NLE for quite some time now. Well if the good people over at TechCruch have it right, we might see a completely revamped FCP as early as Spring 2011 – just in time for NAB. Of course we’re talking about Apple, so this is based on nothing but rumors. Enjoy your grain of salt.


There seems to be no end to the many uses for the OConnor O-Grips. OConnor posted some photos on their Facebook page showing the grips being used in some unexpected ways.


AF100 Firmware update!!

Panasonic has released a new firmware update for the AF100 that address a few minor issues that users have complained about.

Improved color accuracy of the flip our LCD monitor, a new icon in the viewfinder and LCD that indicates when the camera is running off speed (over/undercranked) and no audio is actually being recorded, added the ability to for Mac users to actually preform camera and lens firmware updates.

Get the update here.


RED vs AF101 vs 5D

Check out this video posted to Vimeo by Mehdi Mostefaï. In the clip, the RED One, AF101 and Canon 5D are put thru some rather extreme lighting conditions in an effort to compare their respective performances. Now, I’m not so sure I agree with their methodology. It doesn’t really look like an “all things being equal” situation. None the less, it’s worth a look see. I’m eager to hear your thoughts about this comparison.


Ultra Fast Lens from NOKTOR

I was just surfing around a bit today, looking for lenses suitable for my AF100. While there are quite a few to choose from, at a wide variety of prices, I found this interesting 50mm from a lens company I hadn’t heard of before, Noktor.  The interesting thing about this $800 Micro FourThirds lens is – this bad boy fast!.  The wide aperture is F0.95!  Talk about seeing in the dark. Unfortunately, the 50mm seems to be the only lens they have right now, so no matched sets of primes.  I hope to get my hand on one for testing.  It would be interesting to see what kind of fast zoom they could Zoom they could deliver?