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Cleaning the track?

The best way to clean the track is with a warm damp cloth. A Mild cleaner like Windex can also useful.

Can I adjust the friction?

There are two ways to adjust the friction.

  1. 1. Turn the brake knob to release any tension on the track.
  2. 2. On the top of the shuttle there are four Allen screws – one for each linear bearing. Slightly loosen one or all of the screws to allow the bearing housings to have a little movement. The slight movement will prevent the bearing from torquing on the track which increases the friction. You’ll also find that as you use the Shifter, the bearings will brake in and start to glide more freely on the track.

What is your return policy?

We will accept the return of any ShotShifter™ that is still in “like new” condition within 14 day of delivery in exchange for a full refund. We will repair of replace any item that suffers from manufacturer defect within 1 year of delivery.

What is the Shifter made of?

The ShotShifter™ is made of Hard Anodized Aluminum.

What is the Maximum Capacity of the ShotShifter™?

The ShotShifter™ is capable of supporting camera systems up to 50 lbs.

Can the ShotShifter™ be used without a tripod?

The Shifter can be used on virtually any surface when deployed with the Outrigger kit. Even without the Outriggers, the ShotShifter™ can be effectively used on level surfaces when the ends of the track are properly secured. The bottom of the ShotShifter™ has a rubber coating to help to prevent sliding or marring of surfaces.

What tripod systems does the ShotShifter™ work with?

The ShotShifter™ can be used with any tripod with a 100mm bowl.

Is the Shifter available in lengths longer than 60″?

The ShotShifter™ is offered in three lengths, 20″. 36″ 60″. By special order, Shifter track can be provided in lengths up to 12 feet.